Breathing in life!

I’ve been starting my days with a mediation I learned several years ago.  The foundation of this practice originated from my dear friend, and gifted aromatherapist, Ixchel Leigh   The mediation is one of invoking the vibration of the elements into every cell of my body.   This morning I started with the denser energy of earth and worked my up to water, fire and then air;  but that’s not the order I always do this in.  I follow my guidance and each time I come to this practice it’s own form emerges with each experience having a different flavor.

Using my breath and intention  I invite the vibration of the element to infuse every cell of my body.  I stay with one element until I feel fully saturated then I move to the next element and do this same thing with it.    At first, in it’s simplicity, I didn’t expect this to be very powerful.   But extraordinary potential often lives in the simplest of things. I’ve seen that time and time again, but it still can catch me by surprise. Coming back to this elemental mediation, again and again, I have been astonished at the realization and reflections I have gathered.  I notice myself wanting to describe some of these insights to you.   But truly, my heart’s desire is for your own unique insights to reveal themselves to you in their own time and form, with no preconceived idea or expectation.   Then, I’d love for the two of us to sit together over a cup of tea and talk about what’s alive for each of us, face to face.  Meet me wherever I am and I’ll put the kettle on!

~~~If you want to add some alchemy to this practice contact Ixchel and have have her blend a personalized potion specifically for you.

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4 Responses to Breathing in life!

  1. davidcates says:


    Gonna do this in the morning!

    O how I miss you!

  2. Mary says:

    Lovely Sharon,
    What great guidance! I’m stuck in bed after a skiing accident and surgery last week.. and needed this little imaginative suggestion to give a fresh lift to my morning practice. I’ll try it now.

    Sounds like you’re loving the adventure life’s giving you!

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